Kubota V2607-CR-T

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Evropska regulativa: Stage V

Engine model: V2607-CR-T

Type: Vertical, water cooled 4-cycle diesel engine

Cylinders: 4

Bore and stroke: 87,0 x 110,0 mm

Displacement: 2,615 L

Aspiration: Turbocharged

Emission regulation: EPA/CARB Tier 4 + EU Stage IIIB, EU Stage V

Rated output / speed*1: 53,0 kW | 71,1 HP @ 2700 min-1

Maximum torque / speed*1: 225,0 Nm @ 1600 min-1

Combustion system: Direct injection

Length x Width x Height*2: 623 x 522 x 701 mm

Length x Width x Height*3: 833 x 522 x 723 mm

(with aftertreatment unit)

Dry weight: 272 kg

Kubota V2607-CR-T Kubota V2607-CR-T

*1: SAE J1995 gross intermittent

*2: Exclude cooling fan and exclude aftertreatment unit

*3: Exclude cooling fan and include aftertreatment unit on engine

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
DOC: Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter
Dimensions and dry weight are according to Kubota's standard specification.
Dimensions and weight depend on completed specifications.
Photographs may show non-standard equipment.

Kubota V2607-CR-T Kubota V2607-CR-T Kubota V2607-CR-T