Industrial engines I.M.A. Motoren


Highly reliable, low emissions and attention to details

Kubota engines are well known for their reliability, precision and durability. They are suitable for multitude of applications due to long life and quality built. Kubota engineers’ priorities are inventing and improving new technologies lowering fuel consumption and exhaust emissions so the engines rank best in their class. Developed to be quiet as possible while operating smoothly and seamlessly under any load is a reason why I.M.A. chose Kubota in the first place.

Distributor of Kubota engines

on German markets, since 2011 they produce diesel/natural gas engines based on known Kubota models. Increasing demand for gas motors i.e. for cogeneration units also sprouted business cooperation with German partners from I.M.A. Motoren.

The company is internationally recognised as a competent partner for industrial machinery, air condition systems and motor accessories.

Diesel engines made to run on on natural gas

3 types of Kubota engines are used in german company I.M.A. Motoren:

Model Cylinder Gross power (kW) Displacement (cm3) Speed (min-1)
IG 1,8 3 17,0 1826 1500
IG 2,4 4 22,0 2434 1500
IG 3,6 4 33,0 3620 1500