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Original Kubota spare parts

For the maintenance of the machines and the smooth operation, you can order original spare parts and maintain the performance of you engine. Quality of the original parts guarantees a long engine life span and uncompromising performance. We keep essential parts such as seals, water pumps, bearings and various filters in stock in our warehouse. However, with proper planning, just in time delivery can be considered.

Older engine types are also taken care of. We try to keep in stock spare parts for:

  • Two cylinder engines: Z400, Z500, Z600, Z640
  • Three cylinder engines: D750, D850, D950, D1302
  • Four cylinder engines: V1200, V1502, V1702, V1902
  • Five cylinder engines: F2503-T, F2803
  • Six cylinder engine: S2800

For more information call us or send as an e-mail.

Engine oil and other lubricants

Addition to spare parts you can also order engine oil. Kubota recommends high quality mineral engine oil for its engines, so check the operating instructions for your engine type.

    Engine oil Kubota 15W-40
  • API:   CG-4, CH-4, CI-4
  • ACEA:   E3, E5, E7
    Engine oil Kubota 10W-40
  • API:   CJ-4
  • ACEA:  E7, E9
Rezervni deli, motorna olja ter maziva Kubota

Full engine service

If you need an advice or assistance with regular maintenance of your engine or repair service, you can contact us or our authorized service representatives. We are located in the following countries:



Zasip, Ledina 19
4260 Bled, Slovenia

Tel: +386 4 574 00 98


Hotedršica 2G
1372 Hotedršica, Slovenia

Tel: +386 31 651 300


Radgonska c. 5
2235 SV. Trojica, Slovenia

Tel: +386 2 729 02 70

7-TRADE d.o.o.

Slovenčeva ulica 97
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel: +386 1 530 03 33


Osredke 44
1262 Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia

Tel: +386 1 563 93 20

F SERVIS d.o.o.

Kroška ulica 58
9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Tel: +386 2 53 01 861


Dolga Brda 31
2391 Prevalje, Slovenia

Tel: +386 2 823 29 460


Ponikva 12b
3232 Ponikva, Slovenia

Tel: +386 41 693 394




Mavri 1/2
51216 Viškovo, Croatia

Tel: +385 51 503 621

DAR d.o.o.

Vinogradska cesta 2/f
35000 Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Tel: +385 35 490 115

NIACO d.o.o.

Ivana Kamenarića 9
10380 Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia

Tel: +385 1 206 24 07


Melnica 13a
52207 Barban, Croatia

Tel: +385 98 739 051


Don Frane Bulića 171
21210 Solin, Croatia

Tel: +385 21 771 545



AKERMAN d.o.o.

Aleksandra Ace Spasića 168
11504 Barič-Obrenovac, Serbia

Tel: +381 11 8701 257


Horgoški put 99
24413 Palić, Serbia

Tel: +381 24 556 200


Bosnia and Herzegovina:


Donja Snjegotinja b.b.
78240 Čelinac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387 51 429 806



ESTIMA d.o.o.

Popa Dukljainina 11
85000 Bar, Montenegro

Tel: +381 11 8701 257


Nikšićki put b.b.
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Tel: +381 24 556 200




Bulevar Bil Klinton BL V E5/23 Dardania
10000 Priština, Kosovo

Tel: +381 38 24 52 58


Emission regulation EU Stage V

Achieving the Stage V emission standard is one of the biggest challenges for industrial engine manufacturers. "Emissions level V is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of industrial engines. Receiving this certification makes us very proud and is the result of many years of hard planning and work within our engine development team, "says Josef Schuck, Head of Industrial Engines at Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH
Engine series 03, 07 and V3 are certified in Switzerland. Where Switzerland's emission limit values are the same as EU Stage V regulations, customers can rest assured that Kubota's products meet the strictest emission standards. Manufacturers in Europe, Asia, America, the Middle East and Oceania can use motors for different types of installation.

Emission level Stage V

Kubota V5009

Kubota V5009 is the latest Japanese engine to receive the award for the 2019 Diesel of the year. Compact 4-cylinder engine of small dimensions and high power output, low fuel consumption is achieved by optimizing combustion inside the chamber. The most strict EPA / CARB Tier 4 and EU Stage V regulations are achieved through DOC, DPF and SCR systems.

  • Emission level:  EU Stage V, EPA/CARB Tier 4
  • Engine type:  Vertical, water cooled 4 cylinder
  • Bore and stroke:  110,0 x 132,0 mm
  • Displacement:  5.018 l
  • Turbocharged + Turbo after cooler
  • Aftertreatment system:  DOC+ DPF + SCR*
  • *DOC - (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)
  • *DPF - (Diesel Particulate Filter)
  • *SCR - (Selective Catalyst Reductiont)
  • Power:  157,3 kW* / 2200 rpm
  • *Gross intermittent SAE J1995
  • Maximum torque:  883,1 Nm / 1500-1600 min-1
  • Combustion system:   Direct injection, common-rail
  • Dimensions:  898 x 656 x 978 mm
  • * DOC, DPF and SCR are excluded from engine dimensions
  • Weight:  632 kg

Kubota V5009 - Diesel of the year

Company history

is a Japanese company with over 80 years of tradition. Years of experience and dedication to quality make them one of the top manufacturers of industrial diesel and gasoline / gas engines, as well as manufacturing construction and agricultural machinery and their equipment. Today's development is increasingly geared to all kinds of environmental constraints, and Kubota is one of the first manufacturers of internal combustion engines to keep pace with the new global regulations. All engines meet the EU-wide and global market-wide environmental standards for noise and gas emissions under the 97/68 EC and 2004/26 / EC Phase 3A Directives (US Phase 4 / Tier 4). With an extensive professional network of service and sales representatives, it closely monitors all fitting during the warranty period and also covers the spare parts needs of the oldest still operating engines. The above arguments and longstanding commitment to progress today place Kubota at the top of the market with worldwide market share and visibility among users.
Years of experience and dedication to quality put them at the top of industrial engines. "Kubota, The Answer" is the company slogan that strives to remain the most reliable manufacturer of industrial diesel, gasoline and gas engines.

History of Kubota